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Derbyshire's Shukokai Karate is a great way of getting fit, learning self defence, learning self discipline and to meet new friends.

Belt BulletYou Will Learn:

» Basic Punches
» Basic To Complex Kata's
» Self Defence
» Pad Work
» Ground Work
» Break Falls
» Competition Fighting (No Contact)
» And Much More

Belt BulletWhat Is Karate?

Karate: "The way of the empty hand"

Karate is a traditional martial art, thought to originate from Japan. Karate encompasses tradition, culture, sport, and fitness in one exciting training programme making it enjoyable and rewarding.

Belt BulletWhy Karate?

Karate has many benefits including:

» Improved fitness levels
» Self Defence
» Self Confidence
» Self Discipline
» Improved co-ordination and balance

Making it practical, interesting, and rewarding.

Many people study the art for many different reasons from generally keeping fit to learning how to protect themselves. Even competing at national and international level.

Everybody is welcome regardless of ability or fitness level. Come and give it a try and our experienced instructor will help you to get the best out of your training whatever your goals.

Belt BulletDerbyshire's Shukokai Karate:

I have personally been practising karate for over 8 years and represent England at World and European level competitions.

We are a member of the SSK (Seishin-Do Shukokai Karate)

I am vastly experienced, fully qualified, fully insured, CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked, and first aid qualified.

There is No Joining Fee and No Contracts.

The lessons are for one hour and are £5 per child.

All you need to do is come in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.